The red apple

I guess one of the questions I have is whether or not I really desire God. I notice that I turn to God whenever things get hard. Whenever I fall apart, I’m reminded that God cracks the hardest hearts to humble them, and turn them back. But do I seek God even when I have everything I need?

I really don’t want to say too much these days. I can’t trust my reasons for doing things. But I do wonder what’s happening.

And I’m still wondering if God answers prayers.


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  1. Hey Daniel,
    I believe God does answer prayer. Only that it won’t always be a “yes” answer. Sometimes its a “no” or “wait.”

    How have you been?

    Haven’t seen you in a long time! =)

  2. dannyman1024 on said:

    I’ve been good! Just trying to finish school. Yeah, just a lot on my mind lately. How are you?

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