The red apple

Is every man entitled to a weakness? Is every heart condemned to a curse? Is every sould chained to a destiny, and every life to a death? Is there light in the dark? And is there fire in the frost? Are we bound to our failures, and do our failures define us?

On some days it just seems that everything we do in life is an attempt to answer these questions. Nothing more than an attempt to disprove the accusations, to break the chains we don’t believe in and free ourselves in our minds. On most days it seems that we are bound to these questions. As we pursue one carrot on a stick we break ourselves free and hound after another carrot on a stick. But what does it truly mean to be free? By seeking freedom, and pursuing it, are we then bound to the quest for freedom? Are we enslaved to being free?

I hope this writing does not create more questions than there are answers, but without questions, we cannot have answers. In our hours of weakness, what gives us strength, what gives us hope? When we face the gates of Hell, what is it in the hearts of men that causes them to stand and face the flames, to roar and test the gates of Hell? It is the sole thought or concept, no, the hope that by their will and action can they change the road of Fate. That instead of being lead silently to the slaughter, they can bring this slaughter to the enemy and shove it down their throats. It is this hope that breaks our chains, and frees our hearts. It is this concept, this thought. The imagination, the image, of our freedom as a result of our will to act.

It is only when you are enslaved to freedom, are you truly free. For every soul was created to serve a purpose, and what greater purpose is there than giving freedom?

But in freedom, do we find ourselves at the threshold of all that we desire? If we no longer are bound to a master, do we revel on the streets and do as we please? No. Freedom is your new master. By controlling your actions, you are being free.


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